Graduates from different decades look back on their time at Ball State

By Brooke Kemp and Brynn Mechem

While eager freshmen wheel suitcases and lug furniture up to their new home for the semester, it’s not uncommon to picture what the future may hold for them at Ball State.


What to expect from the Centennial Celebration

By Charles Melton

The Centennial Celebration list of events is long for Cardinals past and present. For starters, Ball State will celebrate its 100th birthday with a public opening event Sept. 6 at Emens Auditorium.


Get Some MACtion: Ball State 10th school to join Mid-American Conference

By Jack Williams

After the Conference of Midwestern Universities (CMU) disbanded in 1972, the Ball State Cardinals were left without a home.


Ball State University Singers celebrate 55-year anniversary

By Tierra Harris

In 1964, the elevation of the Civil Rights Movement and debut release of the Beatles’ second album weren’t the only events that changed lives.


Charlie Cardinal’s transformation from simple mascot to famous bird

By Tier Morrow

“If people asked me what the personality of Charlie was, I told them that he is Ball State’s No. 1 fan,” said Mitch Prather. “That’s what I told myself when I was playing the bird.”


From the White House to Ball State

By Ayah Eid

Books upon books of knowledge accumulated over the last 50 years lay precariously around professor Teh-Kuang Chang’s office.


What happened in Ball State’s birth year

By Andrew Harp

While 1918 may have been the year of the founding of one of Indiana’s largest universities, it was also the year of flu outbreaks, train wrecks and war.


Kent State spurs Ball State into action

By Carli Scalf

Imagine a sea of Ball State students gathering in front of the Arts Terrace at the David Owsley Museum of Art, not for graduation, but demonstration. At 10:30 a.m. May 7, 1970, a student yelled into a microphone, “Ball State, where are you?”


Immersive learning impacts Ball State, Muncie for nearly 20 years

By Liz Rieth

When Joe Trimmer wrote the proposal in 1999 that would change Ball State’s curriculum, he didn’t want to present it.


Colleagues create historical photo book for Ball State centennial

By Nicole Thomas

To celebrate Ball State’s centennial milestone, co-authors Bruce Geelhoed, Michael Szajewski and Brandon Pieczko collaborated on creating “Ball State University,” a photo book emphasizing the significance of students, faculty and Muncie community members with Ball State’s growth throughout its 100-year history.


Band of brothers

By Zach Piatt

Ball State’s 1989-90 men’s basketball team was more than the greatest in school history.


100 People of Ball State

By Elena Stidham, Jack Shinabarger and Pauleina Brunnemer

Throughout the 100-year history of Ball State, millions of students have had the honor to chirp proud as a Cardinal. The alumni and currently enrolled students come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and have unique stories to tell about the university. See why 100 Cardinals said they love Ball State.

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Created May 27, 2018