Smoke break

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Ball State became a tobacco-free university in 2013, but a small section at the edge of campus exists to accommodate those with a smoking habit. At the beginning of the 2015 school year, the university added a designated smoking section located at the edge of campus on Petty Road. Previously, smokers congregated just off campus near residential areas, which frustrated some who lived near there.

Since the fenced smoking area was added over a year ago, students and faculty have used the location for more than just a five-minute smoke break between classes. Friendships have been formed, and many smokers spend hours every day socializing in this area that has been nicknamed “the box.” While the feedback of “the box” is generally positive, students would like to see some improvements, such as benches.

People in the designated smoking area on campus play the card game “B.S.”

Kara Carson draws on Jeremy Anderson’s arm in “the box,” a designated area for smoking on campus. The area has created a community, and while the users may go to “the box” with the intention of smoking, many stay to socialize much longer. “There have been times I planned on spending 30 minutes here but I wind up spending three hours,” Anderson said.

Students work on homework in “the box” between classes.

Cigarette butts and empty cartons lay in the ash urns inside “the box.” Several smokers who use the area said a maintenance person cleans the area once a week.

Kylie Kaiser smokes while sitting on the ground in the designated smoking area on campus. “The box” currently has no seating, so many students sit on the ground or on the trash receptacles.

Brian Ringers looks at his cards while smoking in "the box."

Auston Dortch and Austin Lewis smoke in the smoking section on Petty Road.

Smokers socialize while spending time in “the box.” Since many people spend many hours in “the box” each day, the smokers play cards, listen to music and study for classes.

Emma Rogers // DN

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